Healthcare Digital Marketing

HEDIMA is one of the pioneer agencies in healthcare digital marketing. We specialize in consulting and implementing omni-channel campaigns and providing marketing services in healthcare.


In the field of healthcare marketing, there are specific points that marketers need to understand deeply. At HEDIMA, we have a team of people who meet those requirements. Most of them are healthcare professionals.


HEDIMA provides digital marketing services to support our partners in achieving significant milestones in marketing and business.


Committed to ensuring the highest possible level of professionalism and healthcare expertise, you are worry-free when choosing us.


Hedima is a team of doctors, pharmacists, IT & digital marketing specialists, graphic & motion designers with deep knowledge and long experience in healthcare digital marketing field.

Marketing Journey

We synthesize knowledge and practical lessons from implemented projects. You may find helpful information for developing and managing digital marketing strategies in healthcare. We are always looking forward to hearing from your sharing.

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523 To Hien Thanh Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.

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About us


HEDIMA understands 7 specialties of the healthcare industry and the healthcare marketing field. Therefore, HEDIMA could effectively support our clients with 5 major marketing services. Besides, HEDIMA members have strong medical and marketing backgrounds which ensures the highest quality to clients. We desire to bring campaigns and services that not only meet the business needs, but also bring benefits in terms of disease awareness to healthcare professionals, patients, and the community. We understand it is an ambitious mission, so we have been trying every day to archive it.


There are many agencies in the field of marketing in general. However, there is not really an agency that is well-trained and has an appropriate background and expertise in the medical field. HEDIMA is of the pioneer agencies in healthcare digital marketing. Our fundamental goal is to become a strategic and reliable partner with our clients in the healthcare industry (pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, hospitals, clinics…). The long-term successes of the partners are the motivation of HEDIMA.




523 To Hien Thanh Street, District 10, HCMC.

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